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The Horror

"Horror, horror... horror has a face and you must make a friend of horror."  Colonel Kultz, Apocalypse Now (1979) 

Like a bomb explosion frozen in time, this dark and physical performance sees 14 young people try to understand Kultz's instruction 40 years after Apocalypse Now was first shown. 

Looking at cultural and popular artefacts from the past and the decisions made by previous generations, this cast of 14-18 year olds ask themselves what is the horror now? Is the apocalypse already happening? What can we do about this and who must take responsibility? 

We stand by watching as it all unravels. The flood is here.  

The Horror has been made in collaboration with Tron Youth seniors, Tron Theatre, Produced by Feral Arts and with funding from Creative Scotland. 



Photo Credit:

Julia Bauer

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