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The Heat Series: Part 3 (The Fire Burns and Burns)

      'Theatre at its most primal.'

Neil Cooper, The Herald

The Heat Series Part:3 was the third and final episode in this small triptych. Made in collaboration with my partner, artist Nic Green, this work took the form of a ritual within a constructed sweat lodge.


Made for a small group of audience members/participants at a time, this work asked each person to undress and engage in the sweat lodge process exploring through reflective talking 'What burns?'. Proceeding this, each participant was washed by myself and Nic before the final moments of the work.


As part of the evolution of this triptych, Part 3 explored a human centric and communal relationship with autobiography, and how the performed action of both speaking and listening to ones own voice can allow us to understand life as bigger than our own selves.


This performance happened as part of Arches Live 2011.

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