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So here we are! One last time.

Hello from somewhere entirely different this time, hello from here. Helsinki.

I have left the UK after such a long period of restrictions and it feels really weird. So many things I encountered on the way, so many blocks because of the pandemic and Brexit that I almost didn’t leave Glasgow, and then I almost didn’t leave Heathrow and then I almost wasn’t allowed across the border in Finland. At times it felt as if I had done something wrong, but each time I realised we were all just confused about newest protocols and protections. So much has changed, and so much has got lost in translation.

I am in Finland as I am presenting two works at the inaugural Helsinki Biennial festival, as a collaborator on artist Hanna Tuulikki’s work.

Here is a link:

I am currently in quarantine in a hotel and will be for 72 hours. I am allowed out for walks, but really I must be careful and sensible so I think I will probably stay in this room.

Whilst in the room, it has been strange to reflect upon the fact that this whole time of writing to you, has been entirely during the pandemic. I haven’t known of you out of this time, and vice versa.

I wonder, looking back, what we would have to say to each other if we were to meet outside of this time. What would seem important to us? What would matter? Where would you be heading? What would you be making work about? We will never know I suppose. We will just have these strange trails and moments marked together as we navigated this time, this time of unknowns, of mystery, of really having to live in the present moment each day as things showed us how changeable life is.

Thanks for being there, wherever you are, whilst i was here wherever i have been.

During lockdown I made a work with Tim Etchells (do you remember Tim’s writing entitled ‘On Risk And Investment’ from one of the first blogs?). We collaborated on something called Elephant, which was a new performance I made for film. It’s my latest work, and it hasn’t really got an online presence yet, but it did have a one-off sharing recently.

Anyway, I want to leave it here for you to watch. As a kind of parting gift. I think it seems fitting.

As you will see, there is still so much left unsaid, and so much left to do. (Password ‘Elephant21’)

And I really want to wish you well with your current performances you are making, and with the unknown path forward from that point.

It has been such a privilege to have had this time to share with you. In my life, these blogs have existed as a tiny bit of privacy within a wild and bigger world. I haven’t told anyone I have been doing them. That makes it quite special for me.

If you ever need anything in the future, you can always get in touch. And if there is ever a chance to see your work that you are making, I would love to. My email is

Thanks And go well.

P x

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