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What happens to a land if there is no-one left to belong to it? 

Where are those stories kept?

How do we relate to this past and presence of absence?

In this ambitious deep map event, the migratory routes from Scotland’s no longer inhabited Gaelic island Mingulay, the cultural legacy of this phenomonal once-community, the geoogical context, the weather, the wildlife all intersect in a new intimate walking performance for a small audience.

8 hours, one car ride, one train and two ferries from Glasgow, this sited work exists on one of Scotland's most inaccessible and remote locations. Peppered throughout with an actino of burying gold in this landscape- an intervention for future explorers- this sited work culminated in an intimate traditional story-telling ceilidh, reinvigorating a cultural practice that has been absent in this place for more than 100 years.

This new incubation commission is supported by Glasgow Life via their GUIR award for Gaelic Arts and is stil in development. 


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