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I am

Photo Credit:

Oliver Rudkin

Created by Homegrown Company at Battersea Arts Centre in collaboration with Peter McMaster.


(This performance is currently in development.)



I am is a brand new original performance designed to disrupt and explode commonly held beliefs about what it’s like to be considered a ‘young’ person.


With capacities to be honest, to feel, to be aware, to shout loud, to be radically engaged, energized, excited and opinionated, these young people claim their own identities in an attempt to stop others doing so for them.


'I am' is a fun loving cheese-fest with a big strong middle finger pointing at what makes us angry. As the young people try to both find and use their multiple voices, what we are left with is a poignant and empowered celebration of everything that makes us different from each other, and from what you might think about us.


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