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How To Build

How To Build was a 15 month alternative education program funded by Creative Scotland. Working in collaboration with East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture, Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Paul Gorman of Hidden Giants and led with co-artistic facilitator Jodie Wilkinson, this process attempted to engage young people between the ages of 14-16 who refused to participate in mainstream education.


Thr project consisted of working with lots of different professional practitioners whose practice involved 'building' in different ways. From horticulture, to carpentry, kite making, den building and installation creation, the process also transcended these physical activities, resulitng in more personal or emotional developments in the participants.


Over the course of the project, the parameters shifted to include individuals who became interested in an alternative process to what was offered in their schools resulting in a more dynamic group of interested young people.


The project terminated in April 2015 after an initial 4 month extension, and resulted in a public exhibition at Kilmardinny Arts Centre.



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