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Gold Piece

'Got a sneaky moment to do Gold Piece with Peter Mcmaster and oh my goodness what a gentle and tender moment it is. So so beautiful.'

Maddy Costa

Photo Credit:

Julia Bauer

I recently came across the Japanese practice of Kintsugi – the art of repairing cracks in porcelain or crockery with gold. The idea behind the practice is that a new lease of life is given to the object through the repair, resulting in the object being more valuable and beautiful for having being broken in the first place.


This new one-on-one performance borrows the practice and ideology of Kintsugi as its core enquiry. Together, and over a practical exploration of this Japanese art, both artist and participant will explore how this transformative process can be applied to a human context and understanding.



Gold Piece has been presented at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh, BUZZCUT, Glasgow, Dialogue Festival at Ovalhouse, The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol, as part of In The City Series and Colchester Arts Centre as part of BUZZCUT: Let England Shake.

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