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(BA) Contemporary Performance Practice

I have taught part time on the (BA) Contemporary Performance Practice degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have taught Level 1 and 4 students performance and am employed as guest artist, and have held this post for the past 5 years. I graduated from CTP (Contemporary Theatre Practice) in 2009 with a 1st class honors.

Course Info:

Our students tell us that studying CPP at the Conservatoire is like nothing you could ever imagine. It’s total immersion in a challenging programme with the central philosophy that human beings make art in order to understand better the world in which they live. It’s for aspiring performance makers who wish to develop their skills as innovative and socially engaged performers, directors, teachers, and cultural leaders, who can realize their aspirations to create and shape the future of new work. In one sense, this could be the programme for you if you are passionate about creating performance, but you’re unsure of what you’d specifically like to do in the field.


You will be able to explore the realization of ideas through the disciplines of performance, education, installation, movement, research, and documentation. We will help you to develop your performance skills in our world-class facilities, working with our staff, visiting practitioners, directors, and lecturers, with regular opportunities to take part in specialist workshops and masterclasses. You will push yourself and push boundaries, creating new works with image, action, sound, and text.

You will leave the Royal Conservatoire as an independent and entrepreneurial self-managing ‘ eco-centric’ artist with an awareness of the aesthetic, intellectual, social, emotional, political, and ecological considerations of a holistic and sustainable arts practice.


(Click Here for the website.)

Over the past 16 years since its inception the course has provided a new context for creating contemporary performance in the UK and internationally.


Practicing UK performance makers who are graduates from the program include:


Tashi Gore

Gary Gardiner

Nic Green

Rosana Cade

Nick Anderson

Gareth Nicholls

Laura Bradshaw

FK Alexander

Lucy Gaizely

Thom Scullion

Murray Wason

Gillian Lees

Johnny McKnight

Naomi Shoba

Lucy Hutson

Jess Thorpe 

Ian Nulty

Peter Lannon

Kim Donohoe

Ed Crawley

Gary McNair

Liam Sinclair

Louise Brodie

Craig Manson

Gudrun Soley Sigurdurdottir

Nima Sene

Jack Stancliff

Zac Scott

Katy Dye

Jak Soroka

Ellie Dubois

Fiona Manson

Maxwell McCarthy

Leyla Col O'Reilly

Rosie Reid




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