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***** " a work which defies categorisation … a work which touches the soul.”


A Sea of Troubles

 “I can feel it’s presence… it’s like the reply of an echo, or longing dressed as waiting, like the darkness dressed up as the night, and light dressed up as galaxies…”   

Somewhere between clairvoyance and theatre criticism, A Sea of Troubles tensely exorcises the relationship between dominant theatrical tradition, masculinity, the burdens of language and the potential of the performing body. 

Slow and silent, paranoid and muddled, a solo performer traces the ghosts of the performance space pulling us into a world that slips out of now-ness into strangely beautiful somewhere else-ness. 

Commissioned by The Yard, supported with funding from Creative Scotland. 


“Finally got to @mcmaster_peter’s show A Sea of Troubles, What a total treat it is - weird, thoughtful, evocative. Just great work.”


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Photo Credit:

Maurizio Martorana

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