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'Each time their bodies slam into one another, it’s all I can do not to gasp with the bruising beauty of it.'

Catherine Love, Exeunt.


Peter McMaster and co-performer Nick Anderson reflect on the process of turning 27 years of age as they unashamedly unpack their complex autobiographies, creating a strikingly visual and visceral poetics of getting older and change.


Inhabiting the hedonism and danger associated with the culture of the infamous 27 club, they push their bodies towards exhaustive extremes, inhabiting moments of pain, grief and elation, as they transform the threat of untimely death into an explosive celebration of being.


27 was first presented at IBT15 in Bristol, and was presented at The Place, London, as part of Forest Fringe microfestival. It then was presented at BEHAVIOUR 2015 in Glasgow and Live Collision 2015 in Dublin. 


It is currently being produced by IBT and was developed with support from The Arches, Glasgow.





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Photo Credit:

Oliver Rudkin

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